Security Regulations of Cannabis Marijuana – Cultivation, Processing, and Sale

Austin Security is a trusted advisor for some of the largest pharmacy, liquor store and retail money lender chains in Canada. This experience transfers directly to the new cannabis industry.

For over 20 years Austin Security has been offering commercial, industrial, retail, and residential security solutions to the Edmonton market from our local head office. We also provide our services across Canada, the US, as well as to international locations.

That’s over two decades of offering ULC listed monitored security alarm systems, IP megapixel camera systems, access control, outdoor industrial yard security, and intercoms; all with live remote access from your PC, cell phone or mobile device. We also provide ULC-561 fire monitoring if required by bylaw.

We have built a solid reputation for fair pricing, and reliable state-of-art technology systems that are customizable and easy to use, integrate and upgrade.

We have also solidified this reputation with second-to-none service by a team of caring, hard working, and intelligent long term employees. Our experienced staff know each customer in detail and our clients tell us they sleep better just knowing they are working with Austin Security.

Austin Security is familiar with the Canadian electronic security regulations and compliance pertaining to cannabis marijuana cultivation, processing, and sale. As this is a highly governed industry, having an experienced security provider is an important step in realizing a smooth transition from the planning & development of your business strategy to competing in this new market place.

Once you have contacted our project consultation team, Austin Security will review the industry policies and practices regarding electronic security and how they will incorporate into the concept, outline, construction and development of your licensed premises.

This process involves a detailed account of visual monitoring, intrusion detection and access control (i.e. card/fob readers with electronic locks and exit entry audit reporting).

Austin Security has further pertinent experience in ULC-S561 fire monitoring as well as being certified CPTED II (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) practitioners. If required by bylaw we can provide CPTED reports to municipal business licensing departments and/or architects, building designers and general contractors.

Austin Security’s will use our 25 years in the business to make the implementation of this important part of your start-up a professionally managed and easily implemented process.


1 – What is the quickest way to get an electronic security quote for my licensed dispensary?

Contact our office through our website or call us directly at (780) 448-2809 to arrange a meeting at the Austin Security offices to review your site drawings and get a demonstration of our product line, or we can meet onsite if your space in under development.

2 – Will my systems be compliant with the electronic security regulations?

Austin Security is well rehearsed on Canadian cannabis license requirements and our goal is to be beyond compliance in facilitating a relationship between the regulator and the licensee. This results in quick license approvals and audits, as well as stress free follow up inspections.

3 – How long will it take to install my systems?

As this is a new industry, there will be a high demand on trades people & contractors to complete projects on time, and the electronic security portion of your project is included in that demand. We recommend early planning for this portion for your new venture and once you have approved our proposal our goal is to be onsite within two weeks, and be completed anywhere from a few days to two weeks, depending on size of the operation.

4 – Is Austin Security competitive?

Security in an important component of this highly regulated brand new industry, and pricing is a priority as budgets can be challenging with any new start-up. Austin Security is a mid-sized company with low overheads that delivers value, quality, and service at very competitive rates.

5 – What is your service and support like once my system is installed?

If there is one item that sets Austin Security apart from the rest its our support and service. Service can be booked through our website or by phone call. Your calls are answered by real human beings usually on the first or second ring and once we determine the callers requirements they are directed through to the correct department. Whether its our helpdesk, IT support, service, installations, monitoring inquiries, or sales, our caring team is up to date and very quick to respond to you in what will surely be an ever evolving industrial landscape.

Whether you are setting up one site or hundreds, Austin Security can deliver on time and on budget. We have proudly built our company based on honest, practical, easy to understand initial no charge consultations, an equipment line up to service a variety of budgets and needs. Combined second to none support and service as well as decades of experience from long term committed and hard working employees means you are not a number to us, you are a name.