Entry Level Security Camera Packages – Edmonton

Austin Security has a number of entry level security camera packages for the do-it-yourselfer, and we can also offer our professional install & networking department to install the system neatly, connect to your mobile device or cell phone, train you on the system operation, and service the system in the future.

Entry Level Security Camera Packages – Edmonton & Area
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Our customers tell us some of their concerns after purchasing a security camera system from a big box retailer is the difficulty getting installation assistance, spending long periods of time on hold with a help-desk, and having the system neatly wired into the home or office. Nobody wants wires dangling through their kitchen or holes in their office walls that are difficult to patch or match paint.

We can provide you with a surveillance camera system at the same price as retailers and offer you an option on installation as well as internet connection assistance and system training. Austin Security even has a program where we can dial into the system to do remote diagnostics, retrieve images from a past break-in or vandalism, and refresh training on system operations.

If something bad happens you want to retrieve good quality images quickly.

A professionally installed security system can provide that.

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