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Edmonton-based Austin Security has built a solid reputation spanning over two decades of competitive pricing and reliable, customizable, state-of-the-art business security systems that are easy to use, integrate, and upgrade. Our team of knowledgeable, experienced and caring long-term employees provide our clients with second-to-none service and support. Our exceptional security system support staff makes it their priority to know each client in detail, and clients feel assured that they can sleep better at night with Austin Security at their side.

Business Security Systems – Edmonton & Area
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Commercial Intrusion Alarm Systems

The right security solution begins with a professionally designed and installed alarm system, which is monitored by a ULC listed station and able to dispatch police or guard services quickly. These systems protect your business against break-ins, robberies, intruders and vandalism.

Our security systems can be armed and disarmed easily from your mobile device, also providing many features to help lower operating costs; including all the latest in remote access to onsite lighting, heating, and other building operations.

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What do I do if the alarm siren goes off accidentally?

If you are at the site, enter your code number into the keypad and the siren will cease. Depending on how long it took to enter the code, the monitoring station may call the premises to establish if this was a false alarm. You will be required to provide your password or passcode to the monitoring station attendant and the event will be cancelled.

What do I do if my alarm system goes off and I am not at the site?

The monitoring station will contact those on your emergency call list and the authorities, as per your instructions on your file. You will be required to go to the site and wait for the authorities to arrive. Once they have inspected the site and have given the all clear, you may enter and disarm the system. Please note that the siren will be programmed to alarm for up to five minutes.

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Edmonton Security Systems for Businesses & Organizations
Austin Security 780-448-2809
Industry Leading Commercial Security System Support & Service 
25+ years
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As an Alberta based professional systems integrator, Austin Security Ltd is a 25 year business that has grown from a small security systems company serving the Edmonton area, to a diversified firm capable of delivering alarm, access control, IP digital megapixel surveillance systems, yard protection, ULC fire protection and intercoms throughout North America.

Our long term and experienced professional staff utilizes the most up-to-date techniques and methods to install quality surveillance and security equipment. We consistently upgrade product information and scrutinize our industry to determine reliability, flexibility, cost and service performance of our systems and manufacturers.

At Austin Security Ltd, we understand that proper operational procedures can be lost during staff transitions. That is why in addition to providing full systems training to our customer’s staff during the installation period, we also ensure continual training through an ongoing follow-up program. We offer 24 hour emergency service, and where possible, provide temporary replacement equipment during the repair period to minimize down time.

Our mission is to provide all our clients with peace of mind. Which is why with a combination of quality installation, training, uncompromising service and a top notch monitoring station we have what it takes to compete in this ever changing industry.