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access control system edmonton - card entry on doorCard Access keeps track of who goes where and when. This door & gate technology allows you to regain facility security, by eliminating the risk of keys being duplicated or retained by previous users. This will also eliminate the cost of replacing or re-keying locks as well as the purchase of new keys.

Austin Security has over 25 years experience installing access control products from standalone single door solutions, to worldwide cloud-based systems, and operating and administrating hundreds of doors from one location. If the door hardware requires any changes to meet access control locking requirements, Austin Security is able to perform those duties in-house, allowing for additional savings. Austin Security can further reduce costs by installing all wire and cable protecting conduit for a fraction of the price of journeyman electricians.

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Access control can also be used to restrict areas during, or after working hours. Cleaning staff, temporary workers, and delivery people can have access to your yard or building at certain pre-programmed hours during the day, week, or even monthly. Delete lost, stolen, or old user cards from the system immediately, and remotely activate doors or yard gates with a phone app. Cards or key fobs can be combined with a security code entry for extra privacy, or biometric systems such as retinal, fingerprint, or hand geometry scan.

In the case that entry is required by a person without a card or fob, access can be granted remotely from a PC or mobile device with password protected internet enabled systems.

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What is it called? Card key system? Fob system? Card reader system? Electric entry?

The industry term is access control, however, there are many descriptions of this technology.

Do you provide training on how to operate the access system?

Full training is provided at the completion of all installations, and further training of new operators is also available. The most common duties are programming new card/fob users, and deleting former system users.

What happens if my card or fob will not open the door?

All our systems have a key switch override, or can be disabled by system administrators or building managers. Additionally, you may contact the Austin Security help desk, or our after hours service team will respond to quickly remedy the system fault.

Which method should I choose; fingerprint entry, card, or key fob?

Fingerprint entry, known in the industry as biometrics, is a mature, reliable technology. However mounting these devices in an outdoor cold environment, or industrial area, can cause misreads. If heightened security is required, a combination card/fob swipe and keypad code number entry can give extra protection by requiring both a swipe and passcode prior to granted entry.

Austin Security is a 25 year company that sells and services security products across North America and overseas. We offer a full suite of interactive commercial services tailored to support a wide range of small and medium sized businesses, from single properties to multi-location enterprises.

Keep your business secure, gain new awareness and instant visibility into key operation activities and manage your business no matter where you are. Our specialties include: Burglar alarm systems, surveillance camera’s, access control card reader systems, yard security, fire alarm system ULC monitoring, industrial park gates and multi-tenant housing intercoms.

All our solutions are networkable and configurable to single site of city, province, state, country or even worldwide accessibility and system operation and administration.

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